Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and targeted drugs are the common treatment modalities for cancer. Although response to treatment is usually achieved, cancer may often relapse. Our study focuses on understanding why tumors relapse and spread despite initial treatment response.

Studying the tumor microenvironment in response to cancer therapy

We found that almost any type of anti-cancer treatment can induce host molecular and cellular responses to the treatment which, in turn, can lead to tumor outgrowth and relapse. This new approach helps foster a paradigm shift towards developing entirely new strategies for improving cancer therapy.

Laboratory research fellows, physicians, students, and research associates focus on studying these specific host effects in response to therapy and how we translate our preclinical findings into meaningful clinical implications. Click here for more information.

We are now searching for post doc fellow or PhD student also in the area of bioinformatics and big data.

The successful candidate will be joining a multi-disciplinary and dynamic lab. The candidate is expected to apply his/her strong analytical capabilities and solid understanding of bio-informatics, and bio-statistics to develop profiling platforms. The candidate will lead projects and also work closely with members of the lab, to acquire data, build and execute analysis plans and deliver pre-clinical insights.

Requirements for the role:


  • PhD or Master degree in Computational science, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology or related disciplines
  • Hands-on experience in omics data analysis
  • Understanding of statistics and bioinformatics methods
  • Experience in working with public biological databases, methods and tools
  • Strong communication skills with fluency in English
  • Self-Learner, Team player


Additive value requirements:

  • Experience in developing analysis methodologies
  • Experience in analyzing diverse types of data (e.g. cell, proteomics, microbiome)
  • Background in immunology
  • Background in cancer


Relevant candidate please send your CV to: gtal@technion.ac.il